Silent Knife

A Liv Montgomery Celebration Bay Mystery
Berkley Prime Crime
September 2013

Celebration Bay is full of yuletide cheer—
but it’s hard to remain festive when someone’s out to slay Santa.

Tis the season, but no one in Celebration Bay is feeling jolly. The local holiday store has been taken over by the new Trim A Tree store, know as TAT by the locals. Their products are lewd, crude and plastic, not at all in keeping with the town’s tasteful, traditional celebration. The manager, Grace Thornsby, is a bitter middle-aged woman who gives new meaning to the name “Grinch”. And worst of all, she’s hired her own Santa to compete with the town’s official and beloved Santa.

But not for long . . . . someone is determined to get the town back to it’s good old fashioned values if it kills him . . . or anyone who stands in his way.