Backstage Murder

A Lindy Haggerty Mystery #1
Kensington Books
August 2000 paperback
ISBN 1-57566-590-5
October 1999 hard cover
ISBN 1-57555-458-5

Helping a friend out with a favor, Lindy Haggerty agrees to put her dance shoes back on to rescue a troubled show. But Lindy has no idea just how doomed the production is until the backstage tantrums, demands, and threats turn a simple pas de deux into a rather scandalous pas de mort

When the past-her-prime diva, Carlotta Devine is found dead from an apparent blow to her head in her dressing room, no one is surprised. Less proficient at grands plies than grand entrances, Carlotta was every dancer, director, and stage manager´s worst nightmare. While Carlotta´s last dramatic gesture may be getting raves from her troupe, Lindy´s not so taken with cold-blooded murder. But sorting out a theater full of suspects, each with their own just cause, will be harder than getting Martha Graham back on the boards. And as Lindy dances closer to the truth, she makes a startling discovery: Carlotta´s murder was a mere dress rehearsal for something deadlier to come. A shadowy killer has scheduled a final curtain call—and Lindy is taking center stage.

"BACKSTAGE MURDER is an enjoyable story that also paints a fascinating picture of theatre life. Lindy Haggerty is realistically drawn, and readers will find it easy to identify with her."
~Toby Bromberg, Romantic Times Book Reviews
"The polished and professional who-done-it entertains the audience and they will want Ms. Freydont to return with more works starring Lindy and company."
~Harriet Klauser, Books'n'Bytes
"Former dancer Freydont draws on her own professional experience in a solid debut that revolves around the intrigues of a dance troupe. Freydont tells a good story, keeps the reader guessing and sets the stage for a return engagement."
~Publisher's Weekly
"Written by a former dancer, this new mystery offers a pleasant behind-the-scenes look at the world of dance, accompanied by a diversity of dancers, conflicts of character, and a leavening of humor. Recommended for most collections."
~Library Journal
"Fans of Compromising Positions and its ilk may share Lindy's feeling that 'except for the murder and getting pushed down the trapdoor, this has been the most fun I've had in years.'"
~Kirkus Reviews